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Professional Development?

Great mentors are lifelong learners with extensive, varied experience. We provide professional development for mentors for several reasons:

  • Our program starts with how the VMT mentors in teams and the structure of our mentor meetings and processes.
  • Business leaders are often experts in specific skills but may not have direct experience in issues important to startups and small businesses.
  • Mentor professional development establishes a common framework, vocabulary, taxonomy, and processes helping mentors from different professional experiences work together to help the mentees.

Our mentoring professional development has been created and presented by fellow VMT mentors that are subject matter experts. Many of our mentors have been mentoring for more than a decade and have great knowledge to share with each other.

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VMT Mentor Certification

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VMT Mentor Certification

VMT Certified Mentors are the most prepared entrepreneurial mentors in the industry. Great mentors are lifelong learners, and VMT Certified Mentors prove this statement. VMT Certified Mentors have completed more than 20 hours of video training covering topics important to startup founders, including:

  • How to build a startup using the Lean Launchpad.
  • The Startup Pitch Deck
  • Startup Funding from Bootstrapping to Angel Investors to Venture Capital.
  • Startup Governance and Operations
  • Executing a Sales Strategy
  • Mentoring Small Business

Place your mentoring program on the top shelf with by becoming a VMT Certified Mentor today!

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